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Sirkka Smith

Author Bio

Sirkka Smith lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she’s spent most of the last five years in the fictional town of Lingen or stuck on Mt. Arin somewhere.

Besides writing, common activities include puzzling over the peculiarities of human interaction, blurting out impromptu song lyrics, and getting robots to do her chores for her. She enjoys most caffeinated beverages.

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The Third Thing

Publication Details

  • Title: The Third Thing
  • Subtitle: A Novel
  • Author: Sirkka Smith
  • Publisher: Taricha Books
  • ISBN (print):
  • ISBN (ebook):
  • Page count:
  • Word count: ~134,000
  • Release Date: Winter 2020/2021!

Note: This is a stand-alone novel, not part of a series.


Love. Friendship. Weird Birds.

One-line Blurb

A socially-awkward artist and a shy photographer shadowed by a mysterious virus must face their fears to find love.

Short Blurb

She: A bird artist struggling to understand humans. He: a shy photographer coping with the aftermath of a deadly disease.

Love brings them together on remote Mt. Arin. Do they have what it takes to survive the experience?

"The Third Thing" is a novel with quirky small-town characters, sweet romance, action, humor, and hope.

Long Blurb

Love. Friendship. Weird Birds.

Xiomara (Xo for short) relaunches her artistic career with a bang—or rather, a crash—when she moves to the small mountain town of Lingen to paint birds. She’s determined to get her life back on course by pursuing what she loves, and she is sure that can be accomplished with a practical approach. But love is hard to reason with, and people are even harder for this socially-awkward woman to figure out.

Elliot is an unassuming photographer who is smitten when Xo disrupts his quiet existence. His penchant for attracting disaster has left him scarred by his past and tongue-tied when it comes to revealing his growing feelings for her. But this shy, unlikely hero can’t help trying to protect her from anything that could harm her—including his closest friend.

Can Xo and Elliot find love in spite of themselves? Or will Elliot’s past destroy their chances?

This slow-burn, old-fashioned yet modern-day romance features quirky characters, a dash of suspense and adventure in the mountains, and a unique perspective on love, friendship, and sacrifice.

Find out more about "The Third Thing," a novel by Sirkka Smith, at



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