The Third Thing: A Novel - by Sirkka Smith

Love. Friendship. Weird Birds.

Xiomara (Xo for short) relaunches her artistic career with a bang—or rather, a crash—when she moves to the small mountain town of Lingen to paint birds. She’s determined to get her life back on course by pursuing what she loves, and she is sure that can be accomplished with a practical approach. But love is hard to reason with, and while Xo readily understands her avian acquaintances, humans have always been a bit of a conundrum.

Elliot is an unassuming photographer who is smitten when Xo disrupts his quiet existence. His penchant for attracting disaster has left him scarred by his past and tongue-tied when it comes to revealing his growing feelings for her. But this shy, unlikely hero can’t help trying to protect her from anything that could harm her—including his closest friend.

Can Xo and Elliot find love in spite of themselves? Or will Elliot’s past destroy their chances?

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